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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ladder Molded into Hull

There has been some good discussion and suggestions on the toe pockets that I molded into the hull to serve as a ladder for getting to and from the tender.

Toe pockets forming a ladder to access tender from foredeck

For reference, the pockets are 10" wide and 4" high.  At least that's what the drawing shows.  I haven't actually measured them.  And the depth is unknown.  I asked for them to be as deep as possible without interfering with the interior.  My guess is that they are around 4" deep, maybe 6".

The discussion has been around grab bars so you have something to hold onto while climbing up and down.  This is particularly important because the hull curves inward a bit as you descend.

The picture below shows the most viable options so far.  Note that the distance shown by the red arrow from the lowest pocket to the highest possible grab bar location is 5' 3", so not a huge stretch.

Grab bar alternatives
The default solution is one or two grab bars as show in green, mounted to the surface of the hull, roughly midway between pockets.  I don't think more than two will be needed, and one might even work.

But I'm thinking it would be great if there were a grab bar inside the pocket at the back as shown in red.  Then you would reach into the pocket and grab the bar, just like you would grab the rung on a ladder.   I think that's where there is most likely to be enough space inside the pocket.  But I'm not super optimistic that there will be room.  I just don't know how deep the pockets are, and whether there would be enough of a toe hold if there were a grab bar back in there.  But it would be great to get the grab bars tucked away.

A grab bar could conceptually be attached to the upper inside surface of the pocket, hanging from the ceiling, so to speak.  But I'm pretty sure they would interfere with using the pocket as a toe hold.