Monday, March 28, 2011

Installing Stabilzers on a 47' Grand Banks

[Editor's note:  Sorry, the pictures for the posts on this project seem to be the wrong pictures, but if you click on them you will get the correct photo.   I'll try to get ti fixed shortly.]

Some time back I posted an inquiry about adding stabilizers to a 2009 Europa 47'. The project is now underway and I though others could benefit from seeing it in progress.

After several months of discussions with different stabilizer manufacturers, Grand Banks, and various prospective installers, I've settled on ABT TRAC 220 stabilizers with 6 sq ft fins. For installation, I'll be acting as general contractor myself, and working with my local yard to carry out the installation. Sorting out the installation was the most difficult part, with seemingly few people in the northeast who have any first hand experience with such a project, and project proposals that were over the top expensive, at least in my view. Finally, partly out of frustration, I decided to do it myself, contracting out the pieces where I need help. I'm in the middle of a complete electronics refit, so I already have things opened up and am pulling wires. Electrical work is no problem for me (I'm an electrical engineering by training), and I have lots of mechanical and hydraulic experience too, so much of the work is pretty straight forward. Grand Banks has been a great help in sharing drawings and specs for past installations that they have done, so that covers the structural engineering challenge, and does so with a reliable source. ABT has been a great help in specifying the product and working through various trade-offs, so about a month ago I pulled the trigger and ordered the equipment. While waiting for the first installment of equipment to arrive, I've been working through the final details for placement of the equipment, and working with my yard to get the fiberglass reinforcement work underway.

The next post will focus on the hull prep and reinforcement work that's required.

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