Thursday, July 4, 2013

Construction heats up again - Week 20

We are now at week 20 of construction and the swarm appears to have descended once again.  Lots has happened over the past 4 weeks which is encouraging since very little happened over the previous 4 weeks.  But I'm told this is normal and that the boat is on track.  Let's have a look at what's happening:

The first thing you might notice is that the boat deck is on, including the back of the pilot house and the pilot house roof which is also the deck of the fly bridge.  Even though these large sections of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) are in place, they may very well get removed later on to install the engines.  I saw pictures of 6058 being built and the boat deck went on just like this, but was later removed to provide easier access to lower the engines down through the opening in the salon floor.  I'm also told that sometimes the engines are passed through the doorway we are looking at, then lowered down without removing the boat deck.  It will be interesting to see how this boat ends up being built.  But for now, the boat deck is in place.

Boat deck, pilot house aft walls and roof in place.

In the Salon, you can see that the teak and spruce floor has been installed, including all the access hatches.  It also looks like the veneer wood is on the stack as well.   And see the stairs going up into the pilot house on the right?  I don't think those were there before.
Teak and spruce sole installed

Here's the galley with teak and spruce installed as well.  The missing sections around the perimeter is where the cabinets will be.

Teak and spruce sole in galley

From the galley looking back towards the stairs, you can see various cabinet openings that weren't there before.

From galley looking towards stairs
 In the master stateroom you can see cabinets starting to take shape on the right.  There are also glimpses of the teak and spruce, though most of it is covered by protective plywood.

Cabinets started in master stateroom

Here's a much better view of the cabinets, along with the doorway that separates the master stateroom from the stairwell to/from the pilot house.

Master stateroom cabinets

Here's the office space coming to life.  Cabinet on the left, desk in the center, and recessed shelves on the right.

Office cabinets and desk

Here's the vanity for the guest head (bathroom), with the shower on the far left.  That looks like shelves built into the shower stall, but I don't remember them from looking other boats.

Vanity in guest hear
 Lots of progress in the pilot house is visible in this picture.  On the left is the settee where people can hang out while underway, along with a bunch of drawers and other storage spaces.  The raised platform in front of the settee will house a table.

Pilot house settee

Here we are looking forward in the pilot house and can see edges of the flooring though most is covered to protect it.  You can also see more of the teak paneling that will ultimately be throughout the boat.
Looking forward in pilot house

Here's a view aft in the pilot house showing the settee along with the windows through to the captain's cabin.

Pilot house

This is the captain's cabin though it's hard to really tell what's going on.  The flooring is down and cabinets are going in.  The space we are looking at in the background is where the bunk will be.

Captain's cabin

Here's the stairway down to the utility room.

Stairs to utility room

Down in the utility room there has been lots of progress on the cabinets.  This is the port side where there are over/under cabinets with the dryer on the upper right.  Or maybe it's the washer.  I can't remember which is on which side.

Utility room, port side

In the center of the utility room is where the freezer chest will go.

Utility room, space for freezer chest

And here is the starboard side with the drier space on the left.

Utility room, starboard side

And there is no shortage of activity up on the Portuguese bridge.  You can see openings for lockers, the wing station, and I think a vent.

Portuguese bridge
And here's a view of the boat deck from up top.  The curved opening is where the stairs come up from the cockpit, and the section in the foreground is the back of the captain's cabin where the foot of the bed tucks under.  Yet to be installed is a further extension of the boat deck so it covers the whole cockpit.

Boat deck

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