Monday, August 26, 2013

Construction, week 26

And now, for a live update from China....sort of.  I recently returned from a 10 day trip, 2 of which were spent at South Coast Marine where our boat is being built.  After seeing so many pictures, it's great to see the yard and people in person.

This was the first of what in theory will be three visits.  The goals of this trip were obviously to check on the progress and construction, but more importantly to get a chance to view and photograph all the spaces in the boat that are accessible and visible now, but won't be as construction gets further along.  For example, there are conduit runs throughout the boat that I know will come in real handy in the future.  This was my opportunity to see where they all go.  And there are lots of other things visible now that won't be down the road.  When you are the guy doing 90% of the work on the boat, knowing it intimately is a huge plus.

But I'll spare you the pictures of all the hidden spaces, junction boxes, and buried hoses, and instead show the progress on the more visible parts of the boat.

The utility room cabinets are largely done except for the doors and drawers.

Utility room cabinets

Stairs to utility room

In the salon more of the teak paneling has been installed and you can get more of a sense of the space.

Aft port corner of salon

Forward salon with view into galley

Stairs from salon to pilot house

Aft starboard corner of salon

Galley cabinets are also taking shape nicely.



Galley/companionway cabinet

The sound deadening material is mostly installed in the engine room.

Engine Room

Lots of progress up in the pilot house too.

Pilot house head

Pilot house

Pilot house shelves

Captain's stateroom

Pilot house settee

Pilot house

Pilot house

Forward stairwell

Forward stairs

Cabinet off stair well

Master stateroom

View of galley from master stateroom

Shelves in stateroom

Master stateroom bed

Cabinets in master stateroom


Looking through office towards forward head

Guest stateroom

Guest stateroom cabinet

Teak and spruce floors briefly visible

Office cabinet

Office desk and cabinet

Another thing I wanted to do on this trip was experiment with the equipment layout for the water maker.  Before leaving for china I made a number of full scale print outs of the various equipment.  I figured I use them like ColorForms and tape them up in different places to see how everything fit.  When I pulled them out of my backpack I discovered two of them were missing.  Crap.  Fortunately the missing parts were simple shapes so I just put up tape outlines.  The picture below shows the aft bulkhead in the forward "basement".  It looks like everything will fit nicely on the bulkhead with all the filters low and with space under them for drip containers.  This will also free up the shelf space that normally gets used to house the Village Marine water maker.

Water maker equipment placement

The last set of pictures are taken from the fly bridge.

Fly bridge looking aft

Fly bridge console

Looking down on the boat deck

Forward deck

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  1. NRDHVN 60 - The planning that goes into that boat must be incredible. Not something you can show up with a tool box and build. Incredible detail and craftsmanship. Beautiful so far Pete.


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