Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 45 contruction update

This is more a mini-update than anything else.  Progress continues nicely as can be seen in the attached pictures.  The first two are in the forward "basement" which is accessed through a hatch in the office.  Down there is the bow thruster, windless, anchor wash, and associated controls.  Also the fresh water pump, water heater, water maker, and emergency manual pump out for the black and gray water tanks.  It's basic utility space, plus a bunch of storage space.

The picture below is the hot water tank, and a little harder to see in the background and far left are the pump, screen filter, and distribution manifold.

Hot water heater

The water makers get installed in different places on different boats.  The basement is a common location, but frequently they are installed in the laz as well.  I opted for the basement, and here you can see the major components.   This actually isn't what I had requested and we are checking with the yard to see why they did it this way.  I had requested that both the membranes (the black tube assembly) and the main control unit (white think if the foreground with the filters on it) be hung from the bulkhead.  I was trying to keep this shelf clear and available for storage rather than have it taken up by the water maker.  Maybe there is a good reason, or maybe the request just didn't get to the right guy.  We will see.  Below the shelf are the manual pumps for the gray and black water tanks.

Water maker, but not where I requested it be installed

In the galley I see the oven has been installed and to the right of it I see the trash compactor is installed.  It's harder to tell, but I think I might see the dish washer handle across from the trash compactor.  You can see the granite back splash and the port light installed straight ahead.  Over the port light is the space where the microwave/convection over goes.  You can't see it here, but it's in a box in the salon so I suspect it's ready to go in shortly.

Galley appliances in place

Up in the pilot house there is now a giant pile of wires that need to be terminated.  They probably all go to the breaker panel, and we just finalized that about a week ago which explains why the wires all all in waiting.  The guy in the doorway appears to be working on the phantom screens.  Between our boat and 6058 which just shipped, the yard has perfected a nice wood hide-away for the screens.  There was very little room, but they appear to have done a really nice job figuring it out.

Pilot house pile of wires waiting to be hooked up.

On the forward deck the anchor pulpit is complete, the windless in installed, the cleats are installed, the hawsepipes are installed, and the anchor locker hatch is installed.  Lookin good.

Forward deck

In the cockpit the big addition is the cabinet between the stairs and the doorway.  Also, if you have really sharp eyes, you can look down through the hatch and to the right and catch a glimpse of the main DC switch panel which has appeared since the last pictures.


That's it for the mini-update.  Stay tuned, and hopefully the comments section below is working correctly now.

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