Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hawkesbill Cay

Next stop south was Hawksbill Cay which is just barely around the corner from Shroud.  Hawksbill has two mooring areas, one more to the north with only 4 moorings, and one further to the south with a bunch of moorings.  We decided to go in and check out the smaller area and found it deserted, calm, and generally very pleasant, so we grabbed a mooring and settled in.  We had a very relaxed day and did a bit of snorkeling, but generally just slugged out.

The next morning we again participated in the reservation radio-fest for moorings at Warderick Wells, first reconfirming that they had us on the list for that night.  Indeed they did, and we stood by patiently waiting to see if we would get a mooring or not.  Warderick actually has 3 different mooring fields, and the preferred one is in the north field in the "bay" and near the headquarters building.  It's the most protected, and has the best access to land to explore the Cay.  Worst case, we figured we'd get into one of the secondary fields with no trouble.  Luck was with us and we were assigned a mooring in the Northfield, and only had an hour or so cruise to get there.  I went out for another quick snorkel to a nearby reef, then we hauled anchor and made our way to Warderick.

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