Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cruising actually is fun

Anyone reading this blog might be led to believe boating is nothing but problems and troubles.  Not so.  I'm a confessed geek, so I blog a lot about geek stuff.  But the reason we do all this is to cruise to remote and interesting places, and it really is worth all the trouble.

Over the winter we got out for two trips, each about 10 days or so.  In both cases we were just kicking around Puget Sound and up into the San Juan Islands.

Here are a few excerpts:

On our way into Seattle last fall we anchored for a night at Port Angeles.  The combination of fog, sunlight, and ships at the docks made for a great start to the morning.
Port Angeles in the morning

 In January we got back out again and stopped a number of places around Puget Sound.  First stop was Port Madison, and the next night was Port Ludlow where we were treated to another morning of hanging mist below the mountains.
Port Ludlow in the morning

 Next we went to Bainbridge and hung out for a few days, then headed up to the San Juans.  Stopping places included Mackaye Harbor on Lopez Island, Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor, both on San Juan Island, then Sucia Island at the very north end of the island.  Below are two different sunrises at Sucia on two different mornings, each spectacular in it's own way

Sunrise at Sucia Island

Sunrise at Sucia Island
 In the second trip we ended up back at Lopez, but this time in Hunter Harbor where we got in a little kayaking.

Tanglewood in Hunter Bay, Lopez Island

 After Hunter, we made a slightly impulsive decision to go to Victoria, BC.  We had been wanting to go for a long time, so off we went for 3 great days in Victoria.

Victoria with Tanglewood in the background

 Then, back to one of our new favorite places... Sucia Island for yet another amazing morning view, this time of a full moon rising just after daybreak.

Moonrise from Sucia Island

Beached at Sucia Island

Sandstone formations at Sucia Island


  1. more blogging, more cruising life, more geek details, more photos please!!

  2. We met in Dana Pt when you were commissioning Tanglewood. A few days behind you at Campbell River. Perhaps we will cross paths further north. Enjoy your blog including the "geek" stuff. Hopefully the wind will lay down end of the week. Gale WORKNOT N50.

  3. still looking for a nice geek video tour. please


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