Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gravel Barge Flips in Seattle Ship Canal

Wow, a gravel barge just flipped in the Seattle ship canal.  It was tied up at Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, actually three barges side by side.  The middle one flipped and come down on top of the outermost barge.  They were loading or unloading at the time, so presumably some excessive imbalance caused it.  The two entangled barges are drifting free and appear to have come up against a pier.  We are directly across the canal and heard it and have been watching since.

The police on scene reported to the CG over VHF that all people were accounted for, no injuries, and no fuel spills.

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  1. Somebody f&*ked up bad - could be flipping burgers today.


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