Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Some Winter Cruising in the Pacific Northwest

We are out for a little winter cruising.  We went from Seattle to Port Townsend yesterday.  20-30kt winds on the nose most of the way, but sea state was fine.  I was a little worried about getting into Pt Townsend in the wind, but it was fine.  It's a very tight dog leg entrance, then immediate 90 deg turn into the slip.  With strong cross wind, it can be interesting.  Last time we came in here was one of our first trips in the boat and the thrusters started working intermittently as we were making our entrance in a very strong wind.  I had pretty well resigned myself to hitting the breakwater, docks, or some other boat, but we managed to get in without unauthorized contact.  This time was much better.

We plan to spend the next week or two poking around the San Juans and Gulf Islands, ending up in Vancouver where we will keep the boat for a while.

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