Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Tanglewood N6062 has Sold

They say the happiest two days of boat ownership are the day you buy and the day you sell.  We closed on the sale of Tanglewood N6062 today, and I only kind of agree.  It's definitely not a happy day, but it's certainly a load off my mind.  A boat sitting is a boat breaking, and I'm glad Tanglewood didn't sit for too long, and now it's ready for more adventures with her new owners.

It's exciting to be building a Nordhavn 68, and I'll get going soon blogging about that, but it's also worth a look back on our time on N6062.  I have to start calling it N6062 since our 68 will also be named Tanglewood, and things will get confusing otherwise.

N6062 took us to many new and incredible locations, all along the west coast of North America.  We explored the Pacific Northwest which remains our favorite area so far.  We cruised year round, and spent 3 seasons in Alaska, including one in Prince William Sound.  On that trip we hit our furthest point north (61 deg, 13' N) in College Fjord.  Prior to that, our furthest point north was rounding the Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of St Lawrence in Quebec.  And we reached our furthest point west (149 deg 26' West) in Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula.  By the way, Resurrection Bay is only about 5 degrees east of Hawaii, just to put it in perspective.  We also hit our furthest point south (22 deg, 50' N) rounding the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, with our prior record in the Atlantic at the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.

N6063 in Prince William Sound, Alaska

We put about 2200 hours on the boat, and traveled about 20,000 miles, all in the comfort and security of a Nordhavn.  It's a bit sad to leave that behind, but exciting to think about where we will go next as N6837 starts to take shape.

N6837 in the Mold


  1. Hi Peter,

    Congratulations on the sale of (ex-)Tanglewood. Looking forward to your posts on the new one!


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