Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cruising, Part Deux All Over Again

Most of you probably already know that we pulled the plug on our hasty plan to head south for the winter.  After a mad rush to get all sorts of things fixed on the boat in preparation for the trip, it became clear that we really didn't have enough time either to get the boat down, or to get it back in any civilized way.  We already had several fall commitments, the holidays, as well as commitments in February and May.  The trip down was either going to be a mad rush, or have to be broken into several segments with gaps in between to go home for other things.  Both options take all the fun out of cruising.  And the trip back wasn't looking too much better.  So we've decided to wait until next year where we can better plan around it.

The best part about this change of plans is that all the big boat projects are already done!  I've got a few little things to do over the winter, but for once there are no major projects.  The bright work is all spiffed up, another filer has been added to the water maker, we replaced the guest mattresses, did all the oil changes and other maintenance, installed prop cutters, etc.  It's nice to have all that behind me.  Tanglewood is out of the water and wrapped up for the winter.

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