Thursday, May 29, 2014

Construction update, week 68 - She's Done!

She's done!  Or at least close enough to declare it done and make the big payment.  She's booked on a freighter which is on it's way to pick here up.  Once back in the US we start the commissioning which will take 3 months, give or take.

Bottom paint is on, zincs are installed, and Propspeed is on the running gear.

Wing running gear

Main prop, cutter, and PropSpeed

Main prop

Here's a good profile.  You can see the cables running from the cradle up through the bow thruster tunnel, and up through the hausepipes.  I'm assuming it's all part of securing the boat for it's ride across the Pacific.

Profile shot

One thing we added along the way was this stainless bash plate and tow eye.  The tow eye is a great attachment point for an anchor snubber, and the plate helps protect against strikes of logs and the like.  It's hard to see in the picture, but it extends about 8" below the water line.

Bash pate and tow eye

Stern with swim ladder

Exhaust port for diesel exhaust.  Also swim shower box.

Close-up of diesel heat exhaust

Propane locker stocked and ready to go

Emergency tiller, articulated so it can clear the cockpit settee and table.

Battery charger and fire extinguisher canister

Lazarette, DC power panel, battery compartments

Steering gear

Auto pilot pumps

Heating system

Air Con unit, pre-wire cable for dive compressor

Glendinning shore power system

Steps into Laz, inverters in the background

Finishing touches on wing engine exhaust

Wing exhaust and day tank

Wing exhaust

Main hydraulic pump with protective cover

Salon with table and seat cushions

Navy blue cushion for cockpit settee

Pilot House cushions in place

Pilot House helm with wheel and Stidd seat base


  1. Outstanding! She looks gorgeous. So excited for you guys. Don't hesitate to make that call in DP if you need anything, Mr. H. Ced

  2. A few questions to, Mr. H:

    1. In the picture of the DC Power Panel, there's a thru-hull right of the AGM that's open, but not connected to anything. What goes there?

    2. Is the wing engine exhaust a dry stack, and if so, how/where is it routed to the termination/exit? If not, I can see the insulated piping going up through the ER ceiling, but can't figure out the water muffler nor see an injection elbow.

  3. Good question about that thru hull. I was trying to figure it out the last time I was at the yard, though I figured it out, but am now not certain. My best recollection is that it's the outlet for the manual bilge pump, and isn't connected because they are still working on the wing exhaust (the hose would run close to the exhaust).

    And speaking of the wing exhaust, it's wet, but doesn't use a lift muffler as they have in the past. The wing engine is now a Deere 4050 and is physically bigger than the previous Lugger, and lift/drop distances make the lift muffler impractical.

    The exhaust now is dry out of the engine, through a muffler, then routes up into a void behind one of the salon cabinets. From there is turns back down and the sprinkler injects sea water on the down hill side, then runs out the side of the hull. It looks like a pretty good design that should be immune to water intrusion.

  4. Congratulations Peter, she looks fantastic!


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