Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gangsta Carts

Spanish Wells is an interesting and likable town.  It's a vibrant, working community with what appears to be a sound economy based on fishing.  All the fishing boats and working piers remind us of our home port of Gloucester, MA.  It's nice to see a place that doesn't live exclusively on tourism.

Also shared with our home town are Gangsta Cars, except here they are Gangsta Carts.  You know the cars that drive by you with thundering base and rattling fenders and bumpers that rap by?  Well, the have the same thing here, except like everywhere in the Bahamas, they mostly drive gold carts.  But well into the evening last night we heard cart after cart thundering and rapping down the road.  I guess some things are universal.

But this sure is a pretty spot

Spanish Wells

Today we took a day trip over to Dunmore Town on Harbor Island.  To get there you take a ferry and transit the Devil's Backbone.  There's yet another awesome name for you, just like the Dismal Swap.  The Devil's Backbone is a narrow, windy, unmarked passage through the reefs to get to Harbor Island.  All visiting boats hire a pilot to lead them through and make the trip slowly and with great caution.  But we cranked through at 20kt on a 100' ferry.  Pretty cool.

Dunmore Town, Harbor Island

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