Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Wall of Shame

I've decided to start a new category of postings detailing all the things I run into that are broken with marine electronics.  It's really pissing me off, and I think the only way to start getting vendors to put more focus on quality and testing is if we the consumers start pushing back on them.

This stuff is navigation equipment.  We navigate so our boats don't run aground, sink, and kill people.  In other words, this stuff matters, and it needs to work and work reliably.  These are not iPhone apps.  This is not social media.  These are not office applications.  Re-boot and try again is not an acceptable solution to a problem.  This stuff can be life or death.  It's right up there with medical equipment, and needs to be largely bug free.

I'm really dismayed at the seemingly steady flow of problem that I'm encountering with equipment.  The gear doesn't go up in smoke, but rather is riddled with bugs of all sorts.  Some big, some small, but even the small one in large enough quantity add up to equal big problems.  If nothing else, it erodes confidence in the equipment.

This series can be accessed by clicking "Wall of Shame" in the Categories section on the right side of the screen.

Let the Shame begin....

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