Thursday, March 5, 2015

Engine control and radar display

Progress is being made.  Back in this posting I talked about some of the control panel layout changes that I have planned.  Some of them have now come together.

Original main engine control panel and radar "pin-up" where the wing engine control panel lived

The first project was to transform the combined control panel that I created with photoshop into something real.  Here it is complete and installed.  I had to reset the configuration on each display so they would realize that all the individual gauges are gone, but after that was done everything worked great.

New combined engine control panel for wing and main engines

With the space freed up by the wing engine control panel, there is now room for the 1835 radar display.  This is a stand-alone 4kw radar that will serve as back up, and for use while at anchor to conserve power over the big 12kw radar.

Furuno 1835 radar display where old wing engine panel used to live.

Here's a good overview of the upper helm panel with the new components in situ.

Radar and new engine controls together in one place

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  1. It's a good job that you like working with electronics!

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