Thursday, March 12, 2015

Radar comes to life

Chris from Performance Marine has been here for the past two days helping finish up my refit.  Progress has significantly picked up as a result.  Yesterday we got the gigantic radar cable pulled through the boat and up the stack.  Now that was a struggle.  The cable is at least an inch thick and had to fit through some places where I never thought it would fit.  Then Chris spent the afternoon mounting both radar scanners and connecting up the cables.  Meanwhile, I continued to wire up the autopilot and fish finder.

Radar scanners going up

Scanners going up

Scanners going up
Today we spent the day wiring things up.  AIS to FAR2117 radar, AIS to 1835 radar, heading sensors, GPS and other navigation info, etc, etc,  We have a lot fewer ring terminal connectors than when we started.  But all the wiring was worth it.... because now we have two operational radars.

Here's the 12kw FAR2117.  It looks great on the monitor even though it doesn't fill the whole screen.  I haven't made any adjustments and we have a few things to tweak, but all in all, it looks great.

Radar power up

Here we are with the scanner active.  Behind us is the ship canal, and we are otherwise surrounded by boats and buildings.

Viewing the ship canal behind out boat

Oh, and the fish finder works.  Tomorrow we button up loose ends and get the auto pilot running.

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