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Saturday, March 7, 2015

New dash panel

The last major piece of equipment, the FAR2117 radar, arrived yesterday.  With all the parts on hand, I was able to finalize the layout of the dash panel and get all the components cut in.

Here's everything laid out with templates and marked up.  The round hole is from one of the old autopilot controllers and will house one of the new ones.  And the rectangular hole all the way to the left is from the FLIR controller.  I'm not moving it, but I temporarily removed it to make cutting the panel easier.  What you can't see behind the blue tape are all the other holes from previous equipment.  I lucked out and was able to arrange the new devices in a way that uses and/or covers all the old holes.

Marked up locations for new devices

 Here's everything cut out.  The hole furthest to the right shows a blend of old cutout and new cutout.

Holes cut for new devices

 And here all the devices are installed in their new locations.  This big panel is for the FAR2117 radar.  Then working to the right are dual auto pilot controller followed by the FCV627 fish finder

New devices all installed
I've also been pulling various wires and cables in preparation for hooking everything up.  That will be the focus from here on out.

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