Friday, April 1, 2011

Cutting and Chipping, Chipping and Cutting

Progress has been slow, but there is progress. My glass guy works 4 days a week in a high-end classic car restoration shop, so I only get a couple hours in the evenings, Friday, and some portion of Saturday and Sunday. But the real challenge is the goo that GB uses to set the stringer/rib frame and bond it to the hull before tabbing everything in. It's too soft to grind out (it just gums up the abrasive), so he's chiseling it out in strips. It's working, but is very slow going. It took all day today to get it out, and I think he still has a bit more to do. Then the awlgrip needs to get ground off the rest of the area before the new layups go in.

The attached pictures show the port and starboard sides as of today.

One thing he's been working on in the evenings are the foam forms for the new stringers. The other picture shows them awaiting installation.

While all this has been going on, I continue to poke away at my electronics refit.
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