Friday, April 22, 2011

PTO and Hydraulic Pump

Glass work continues to crawl along, but I don't want to rush it. On the starboard side we ended up with a bit of a bowl in the glass that would take 3/4" of epoxy filler under the mounting plate. We are concerned about mixing a large quantity of filler and the risk of expansion which would really screw things up. So we decided to add more glass in the center to bring it up. That's done and I realigned to plate. Now we are down to 3/8" to 1/2" to fill. Much better.

On the port side, I drilled the 6" hole and test fit the plate. In doing so, I found that side needs to be thickened up a bit too. That was done today, and I'll drill out the new layers tomorrow to see where we stand. I think Sunday or Monday we'll try potting one side and see how it goes.

While waiting for the new glass to cure, I decided to install the PTO kit and hydraulic pump on my starboard transmission.The first picture shows the cover plate where the PTO adapter goes. That plate comes off, and there is a disk-like plug behind it seals in the oil. The blue oil line attaches to the transmission oil pump. This becomes a problem later on....

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The next picture shows the plate removed, mounting studs installed, and the drive coupler installed.

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Next shows the adapter and pump mounted up. The adapter accepts 4-bolt and 2-bolt pumps, and as you can see mine is 2-bolt. That's why you can see an empty hole and part of the gasket showing.

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Between this and the last picture, you can see a little problem that cropped up. In the lower left you can see where I disconnected the oil hose from the trans pump to make room for the PTO installation. But now the PTO and pump assembly are in the way and prevent re-attachment of the hose. I was hoping I could unbolt the pump, rotate it a bit, then bolt it back on, but no-go on that. The mount bolts only align one way.

It looks like the best solution will be to re-route the hose so it comes in from the side rather than the top, and replace the end with a right angle fitting. Fortunately the new route is shorted, so it should all work. So it's off to the hose shop tomorrow AM.



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