Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Locating Control Equipment

Here's another brief installment. While waiting on the remaining glass work, I decided to start installing some of the control equipment, and to start putting the bulkhead back together.

The first picture is of the main control unit. It needs to be mounted vertically and athwart-ships, presumably because it houses various motion and roll sensors. The Glenndinning control box is next to it, and had to be moved 3"-4" to the right to make room, but everything fits nicely.

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The next picture shows one of the bulkhead panels back in place, with my autopilot and depth finder added next to the galvanic isolators. Another snug fit, but it works. None of this relates to the stabilizers, other than to give context as the bulkhead takes shape. Which leads us to the next picture.

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Next is the panel that goes above the last panel. I've been laying it out in the cockpit on some sawhorses. The copper colored box is a 12V to 24V power converter. The stabilizers operate off 24V, so this step up converter is required given my 12V boat system. The remaining space will be a NEMA 2000 junction point, and a combiner point for on-board TV cabling. All the TV stuff was crammed behind the bulkhead before, inaccessible and unlabeled.

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The last picture shows the next bulkhead panel moving outboard on the starboard side. Once again, it's up on my sawhorses for layout of the various components. The reservoir tank is obvious with its attached oil filter and back-pressure gauge for the return oil line. Hopefully you can see the tracing lines on the panel for the other parts. Hanging off the bottom of the tank is a shutoff valve for the pump suction line. Over to the right of the tank is a square trace where the starboard servo valve assembly will mount. The tank is heavy, even when empty - I'd estimate 40-50 lbs - so I plan to add some reinforcement on the back side. I haven't sorted out exactly what, but have a few ideas kicking around.

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I don't have any pictures, but the PTO adapter that's used to couple the hydraulic pump to the ZF transmission came unpainted, so I took it home last night and brushed on a couple of coats of engine paint. Thankfully, the boat come with a small can.


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