Monday, May 21, 2012

Preparing to cast off

Cast-off time is near at hand!  Tanglewood II is in the water and undergoing final fit-out which is an exercise in two steps forward, and one step back.  We had three major projects this winter:

1) Adding a canvas enclosure around our flybridge.  We had a bimini before, but the fly was otherwise open to the weather.  Visibility is so much better from up top that nearly all piloting takes place from the upper helm.  Now with it enclosed, it will be much more comfy in off-weather.

2) Installing a water maker.  We are looking forward to having plenty of water and the ability to replenish it while cruising each day.  Installing it wasn't too bad, but when it came to commissioning it several problems popped up, including a hose buried inside a bulkhead that had been punctured by a panel mounting screw.  You could never hit a bull's-eye like that screw did no matter how hard you tried.  The hose was part of a factory-prep option for a watermaker, so the hole has been there for the boat's whole life.  I just had the pleasure of finding it, tearing apart the bulkhead to gain access, and replacing the hose.  I guess I didn't need that day after all.

3) Organizing storage in the lazarette.  The laz in the boat has a lot of space, but it's exposed hull and there isn't a flat surface anywhere.  Stuff just piled up, slid around, and created a tumble of junk.  The clean-up project consisted of building a series of platforms blocked up to make a number of flat surfaces where things can be stored and actually kept in place.  It worked out well and has made for much more usable space.

Today I finished the last of the projects and tomorrow we provision and pack.  Cast-off is planned for Wednesday, so long as the sea trial goes ok......

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  1. Do you have an air conditioning vent blowing into the flybridge? It can get hot in there midsummer or down south (FL) - Good luck and great sail Tanglewood II.


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