Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm told that was Long Island Sound

But I sure couldn't tell. Everything looked exactly the same for two straight day. The place we stopped last night was supposedly Westbrook, CT, but all I saw was the dock emerge out of the fog. We've only seen land twice, and passed within a couple hundred yards of numerous boats, but never saw them. Fog sucks.

But we made it to the Harlem Yacht Club on City Island in NY and have a very peaceful mooring for the night - probably our last mooring for a while as we enter the river and canal system tomorrow. The forecast is for dense fog again in the AM so we will probably wait a bit to head out. I don't need the stress of playing dodge-boat in the fog through NY Harbor, plus, I want to see the city from the water.

By tomorrow we should be just north of the Tapan Zee bridge. If you feel so motivated to check out where we are, you can see live on On the left you can search for a vessel, and if you type in Tanglewood II is will zero in on our location. But keep in mind that our transponder is only on when we are underway, and only larger cities have receivers, so we'll probably go dark through the river system.

Oh, the fog just cleared enough to catch a glimpse of the Throgs Neck And Whitestone bridges, but still no city skyline. Hopefully tomorrow.

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