Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pushing off Today

Wow, it's Wednesday and we actually plan to push off this morning.  Everything came together yesterday and based on the food that's stashed away in every corner of the boat, we won't be starving.  We just need to get a cab to take us and our clothes over to the marina and off we go.

Just for fun, there is still one (well, maybe more than one) calculated risk that we are taking.  We decided to integrate our sea trial into the trip i.e. we are just going to leave.  The boat runs (I moved it from the launch sling over to the dock where we have been doing our final preparations) and we have checked out all the systems, but there is always the risk that when you give it some throttle, nothing happens.

Stay tuned to see if we make it to Cuttyhunk, our planned stop for tonight......

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  1. You know what they say ..."More throttle, less microphone."


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