Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot and Stormy

Today was the culmination (I hope) of three very hot and steamy days. I lasted about 5 minutes on the fly bridge this morning before moving down to the lower inside helm where there is AC. We had a nice 30nm day further up the Hudson ending in Catskills right by the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and right near Hunter Mountain.

As we were getting ready to head into a dock for the night, I called the dock master and he said we should stay out for a little while because there was a tornado warning and a storm cell about to hit. He didn't want another boat on the docks until after the storm. So we went across the river and anchored in a bit of a cove to wait out the storm. After a few hours, dinner, two other boats joining us, and storms continuing the roll through, we decided to just stay at anchor for the night. It's a very calm spot except when the occasional tug and oil barge plow by and shake things up.

Speaking of oil barges, it's interesting that they are carrying oil from Albany to NYC, not the other way around. My guess is that it's coming from Canada, but who knows. There are probably a dozen or more every day.

Oh, and we saw a bald eagle fly by which speaks well for the comeback of fish in the river.

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