Saturday, May 26, 2012


Counter to the weather forecast, we awoke to hazy but clear skys, so off we went around NYC.

Throgs Neck Bridge from Harlem Yacht Club Mooring Field
The first leg of the trip runs west all the way to the end of Long Island Sound to the confluence (of conflagration at times) of Hell Gate where the East River, Harlem River, and LI Sound meet.  It's also home to Rikers Island where all the perps now live, and Laguardia Airport.  Speaking of Rikers, we passed a huge barge tied up to a pier across from Rikers that looked like a floating condo complex.  On closer inspection, it turns out it was part of the prison!

Throgs Neck Bridge with Whitestone Bridge and Manhattan Beyond

Tri-borough Bridge

Hell Gate not looking very Hellish

Williamsburg Bridge with Roosevelt Island Tram in Foreground

Chrysler Building

UN Building

Brooklyn Bridge with New Trade Center Buildings Going Up

Lady Liberty

Manhattan Battery

Fire Boat on Hudson


Coasties Guarding the Intrepid and Tall Ships

After all the excitement of Manhattan, we had a leisurely cruise up the Hudson, under the Tapan Zee Bridge, to a Marina in Croton on Hudson.  We weren't here for more than an hour when a whomping squall came through.  Hopefully it will clear out the muggy hot air.


  1. Great pictures! I thought I'd post a comment so you know that somebody is reading :)

  2. David - that's mean! We're all reading and enjoying this trip. I just want to know if you got me a prize yet?!

  3. This blog site let's me see the reader traffic, so I know who's been naughty and who's been nice. I can also tell what time Bernie gets up in the morning since it's the first thing he does.......


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