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Monday, June 25, 2012


We've had two days in Montreal and enjoyed some great sights and great food.  Sunday was a Quebec National Holiday so it's a 3 day weekend, and with beautiful weather, everybody is out on the streets, in their boats, and walking about.  It's quite the sight.

Saturday we wandered around town for a while (we are in Old-Port Montreal which is the old part of the city) and toured Notre Dame.  Unlike most European cathedrals, the interior is all wood giving it a much warmer feel than stone.  It's also quite the sight to behold.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame
The waterfront in this part of Montreal consists of a number of old shipping piers, several of which have been re-purposed for tourism and recreational boating.  Marina Port L'Escale sits in the basin between two of these renovated piers with shops on one side, a park on the other, and the Old City along the waterfront.  When we pulled up to dock on arrival, we happened to be right next to a twin of our boat.

Marina Port D'Escale

In the park on the other side was Cirque de Soleil with their latest show, Amaluna.  On a whim, we walked in a few hours before show time and were able to get outstanding seats right down in front.  What a show!  If you have never seen one of their productions, you should make a point of going.  There's nothing else like it.  I'm not a big "shows" person, but I would go see them anytime, anyplace.

Cirque de Soleil

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