Friday, June 15, 2012

Rideau, and More Rideau

We've spent the past several days on the Rideau, and will be here for another two before arriving at Ottawa.  Although there are sections where the channels are very narrow and shallow, it's been worth every white-knuckle event.  The lower part of the Rideau is basically a dozen or more interconnected lakes.  It's like the New Hampshire Lakes Region, except all the lakes are interconnected and it's 10 times as big.  It just goes on and on.

Our friend Deb has spent her summer vacations at Chaffey's Lock for her whole life, and still comes up every year, so we managed to coordinate timing and she joined us for a few days.  Chaffey's is right about in the middle of the lakes section of the Rideau, so it made for a good place to spend a little extra time.

On the way up the river, we hit Jones Falls (a series of 4 locks) only to find it closed for some unexpected repairs.  A large sinkhole had developed in the ground next to one of the lock chambers and they were worried about the wall collapsing.  And the same day, routine inspection revealed a crack in one of the main timbers of one lock door, so they were busy filling in the hole and adding a sister timber to the lock door when we arrived.  So we just tied up and hung out until they were done.

Awaiting Lock Repairs at Jones Falls

Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long and still made it to Chaffey's.  All the locks are incredibly picturesque, but I think Chaffey's wins the prize with it's adjacent mill building.

Tied up Below Chaffey's Lock

Chaffey's Lock Mill Building
 The next day we went through Newboro Lock which brings us up to the Upper Rideau Lake and marks the summit of the Rideau, and the highest elevation of our trip - 407'.  We were running low on water, and when I asked if they had any at Newboro, the lock crew offered to run a hose over to the boat so we could fill up.  The Rideau is spectacular scenery, and it's matched by the staff who run the place. They are the best.  Friendly, energetic, and helpful.  There wasn't any traffic, so we just sat in the lock for 20 minutes or so while it filled.

Watering Up In Newboro Lock

That afternoon we arrived at Westport which is a real village (population 300) with a bunch of shops including ice cream and cinnamon buns - all the major food groups.  We also found pickled Canadian bacon - the other major food group.

Westport "Harbor"

Laurie Catches Some Weeds

The next morning something had to be done about the Canadian Bacon, so Deb set about making a lavish breakfast.

Lavish Breakfast Featuring Pickled Canadian Bacon

After leaving Westport, our next stop was Smith Falls which is a full-scale town, but we just hung out on the boat without exploring much.

Tonight we are at Burritts Rapids where there is a lock and a nice tie-up dock.  And look what's for dinner tonight!

Deb Catches Dinner

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  1. How excellent to meet up w/friends! So beautiful in that area.


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