Sunday, June 17, 2012


We spent the last two nights at Lock 17 just hanging out.  We haven't quite figured out when to expect the public docking spaces to get filled up, and when they are likely to be free.  We arrived at Lock 17 early on Friday and got space with no problem, but by dinner time the place was completely packed.  We figured heading closer to Ottawa for Saturday night would be even worse, so we just stayed put where we were.  To our surprise, everyone else cleared out and we had the whole place to ourselves on the second night.  Go figure.  This morning I awoke to this wonderful sunrise.  Not a bad way to start the day.

Sunrise at Burritts Rapids

By staying another night, it meant we had a long day today with about 45 miles to cover and another 7 locks, but around 3:30 we pulled along side the pier in Ottawa.  The tail end of the Rideau River runs right through downtown Ottawa and culminates with an 8 step flight of locks.  Just before the locks is a long embankment where you can tie up right in the heart of the city, and that's where we are staying.  Tonight we are off to dinner in the big city, and a desert of Beaver's Tail which sounds like a cross between fried dough and a crepe.  Some local boaters that we shared a couple of locks with said we can't visit Ottawa without sampling them.

Approaching Ottawa

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  1. GORGEOUS picture! Absolutely the best way to start a day....even ending one like that would have been fabulous!


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