Friday, July 13, 2012

Birds Galore

Today we rounded the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula and past the eastern-most part of the Province of Quebec.  The bluffs along the coast of the Forillon Peninsula are amazing and we decided to cruise in closer for a better look, and what a treat we got.  One whole stretch of cliffs was a nesting ground for Kittiwakes and Murres.  We dropped anchor and spent about an hour watching the show, including the occational hawk and/or crow that would swoop along the cliff looking for a meal, and leaving a trailing cloud of birds exploding from their nests.  It was like watching a cloud wash along the cliff face.
Cap des Rosiers with Farillon Cliffs Behind

Tallest Light in Canada - Cap des Rosiers

Kittiwake Colony on Forillon Cliffs

From the tip of the Forillon Peninsula we crossed the Gaspe Bay and worked our way towards Perce Rock and Bonaventure Island.  Perce Rock is the Motif Number One of the Gapse, and with good reason.

Tip or Forillon Peninsula

Perce Rock

Perce Rock

Bonaventure Island is just off Perce Rock and is another breeding ground for birds, including a colony of 50,000 Northern Gannets which are gorgeous birds, mostly white, with black tipped wings and a yellow tint to their heads.  There are so many that the cliff tops look like they are snow covered.
Gannet Colony on Isle Bonavanture

We had a few options for places to stop over.  Anchoring would have been preferred, but there has been a real shortage of places since the Rideau, and although the weather today was great, the past two days have done everything except what was forecast.  Our friends in Ke'Ola Kai and Adirondack were planning to go to l'Anse a Beaufils, but the ports along this stretch are very small and geared towards fishing boats with limited space for cruisers.  Rather than trying to jamb us all in one place, we opted for the next port down the coast - Petite Riviere Est - which is 100% fishing.  But the locals have been great and helped us find a spot and get tied up, and we've had a few curious passers buy to ask about the boat and our trip.

Our progress has picked up a bunch since leaving Quebec, covering 40-60 miles per day.  I think two more hops and we will be to Prince Edward Island.

Progress as of July 13, 2012

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