Thursday, July 12, 2012

Riviere au Renard

After MUCH debate this morning, studying of weather forecasts, and personal observations, we made a random collective decision to head out.  The biggest problem was getting everyone off the piers and dock because the wind had come around and was pinning us all in.  But after several variations were carefully simulated in our minds, we settled on a plan for each boat.  Fortunately, each went off without a hitch and all boats were free of the docks after about 30 minutes.

The wind an weather forecast could not have been more wrong, and we had glassy water and calm winds almost the entire way.  Only the last hour or so was a nuisance when we found ourselves running head into some swells that developed, but it was really nothing to complain about.

We are now safely in Riviere au Renard which is out at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula.

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