Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yarmouth, NS

On Sunday we started the final slog back home.  Maine and Nova Scotia are both close enough to home that we can easily reach them in a few days, so we decided to save in-depth cruising for another, dedicated trip.  Instead we've just visited a few spots along the way at convenient intervals, making notes about where to spend more time on a return trip.

Sunday's trip took us from Shelburne around the tip of Nova Scotia, and back up the Fundy side a little way to Yarmouth.  The southern tip is shoal after shoal after shoal, and creates some of the ost confused seas I've seen.  It wasn't a bad trip, but it wasn't a good one either with 1-2 meter seas on and off in different areas.  There are a few short-cut passages that trim the distance considerably, but one only has an 8' depth, but with the waves (which have troughs too), I was uncomfortable taking that one at low tide.  Speaking of tide, the trick is to hit Cape Sable Island at low tide.  That lets your ride the outgoing tide from Shelburne south, and more importantly the incoming Fundy tide going north to Yarmouth.

The whole day was slate gray and rainy, and the entire time I was thinking how much more I'd enjoy  watching it through a window from our cozy living room at home.

One amazing thing we experienced along the way was the gulf stream.  At one point we approached and passed through a pretty significant rip current, and I watched the water temp go from 54F to 72F over a couple hundred foot distance, and a head current of a knot or two.  But shortly after we lost it as we continued to round the point.

Yarmouth Light

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